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Board Director’s programme – Bronze

  • Learning Programme
The Board Director's Programme provides an engaging online learning programme that helps you build your presence and influence at board level, and supports you through a series of exercises to better understand your strengths and development needs. The Bronze programme does not include any coaching/mentoring sessions.

Board Director’s programme – Gold

  • Learning Programme
The Gold programme includes 3 x 60 minute telephone/Skype coaching/mentoring sessions with one of our experienced executive coaches. During these individual and confidential sessions your coach will work with you to assess your performance and help you focus on identifying your personal goals and further development needs.

Board Director’s programme – Silver

  • Learning Programme
The Silver programme includes 1 x 60 minute telephone/Skype coaching/mentoring session with one of our experienced executive coaches. During this individual and confidential session your coach will work with you to assess your performance and help you focus on identifying your personal goals and further development needs.

Excel Series Module 1: Speeding up the basics

This course concentrates on simple ways to speed up your use of Excel including covering some important Excel settings and options and a range of keyboard shortcuts. We will also introduce some slightly more advanced features that will help you move on to the next level of the ICAEW Spreadsheet Competency Framework.

Excel Series Module 2: Good formula foundations

Learning some simple formula techniques can make it quicker to enter and copy formulas and can also ensure that you use the minimum possible number of different formulas promoting accuracy and making it easier to check and review a spreadsheet.

Excel Series Module 3: Efficient formatting and introduction to other charts and graphics

We look at formatting and see how formatting can make your spreadsheets clearer and more impactful. We examine the use of Excel styles to make formatting more efficient and more consistent, and we also introduce conditional formatting and the use of charts to present data.

ICAEW Sustainability Certificate

This online certificate programme will equip professional accountants with the practical knowledge and skills to integrate sustainability performance metrics into risk management, financial planning and analysis, business decision making and ESG/sustainability reporting.

ICAEW Trustee Training Modules 2024

  • ETA: 2-10 hours
This self-directed programme provides a learning space where you can explore the knowledge and skills required to be an effective charity trustee through a range of reading materials, video recordings, reflective activities, and an optional assessment at the end of the training.

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