Excel Series – Corporate

Excel Series – Corporate

The Excel Series - Corporate is a set of six training modules based on the first three user roles defined in the ICAEW Spreadsheet Competency Framework and designed to build up and hone essential Excel abilities.

Working through the series of six courses will help ensure that you have the Excel knowledge and skills required to progress through the Basic User level of the ICAEW Spreadsheet Competency Framework to the General User level and beyond to the Creator level.

Even if you are already an experienced Excel user, the course modules are designed to explain skills, techniques, tips and shortcuts that will help you use Excel more productively and enable you to create more robust spreadsheets that deliver increased impact.

If you manage other Excel users, the content covered should help you guide those users to attain the Excel skills they need for their particular roles.

Each module comes in the form of an Excel workbook containing examples and exercises with numerous tips and shortcuts, and a recorded video that runs through each exercise in detail.

Each video is over 30 minutes long and can be viewed standalone, but for most users working through each exercise workbook will deliver a deeper and more practical understanding of the subject matter in a couple of hours, with the video being used alongside to provide additional help and guidance.

Learning outcomes

Attendees will gain a high-level understanding of:

  • Simple ways to speed up your use of Excel including keyboard shortcuts.
  • How to create efficient formulas including using the dollar signs, range names, and financial and date functions.
  • How to apply Excel formatting quickly and consistently.
  • How to start working with charts and other graphics.
  • How to work with PivotTables and use important error checking and tracing techniques.
  • How to work with structured data and use Power Query to acquire and transform data.


    Purchasing this set will grant you access to all six courses within the series.

  • Cost: £180.00