Excel Series Module 2: Good formula foundations

Excel Series Module 2: Good formula foundations


Learning some simple formula techniques can make it quicker to enter and copy formulas and can also ensure that you use the minimum possible number of different formulas promoting accuracy and making it easier to check and review a spreadsheet.

You will learn in detail how the dollar signs work in cell references and how the use of Excel Range Names can make formulas easier to enter, and easier for users to understand. You will see how using Excel Tables can make formulas, and therefore your entire spreadsheet, more automatic and robust as well as copying formulas and formats for you. You will also discover how Dynamic Arrays fundamentally change the way Excel formulas work and provide further opportunities to improve automation.

You will use the Insert Function screen to help you find the right function to use and enter it correctly. We will look at some key functions as examples of how to use functions in general.

This step of the Excel six pack continues your journey to the General User level of the ICAEW Spreadsheet Competency Framework.

The course is delivered as an online course that can be completed in the user’s own timeframe.

Learning outcomes

  • How to use Find and Replace to locate and change multiple values as a single operation.
  • The basics of Excel formulas including an introduction to simple calculations in cells, the use of brackets and why dollar signs in cell references can make you 100 times more efficient.
  • How to use Excel Tables to make formulas more automatic and robust and help automate the process from data to final report.
  • What Dynamic Arrays are all about and how they change the way all Excel formulas can work.
  • Why functions can so easily go wrong.
  • How to find the right function and use it correctly.
  • How to use some key functions to help your spreadsheet make decisions for you and carry out common Excel operations such as rounding and working with text.


    Cost: £30.00