Excel Series Module 5: More advanced formulas and functions and protecting your spreadsheets

Having covered some fundamental spreadsheet methods and techniques in the previous steps, we start to look at some of the Excel features that will be useful to Creator level users. In this step, you will cover Excel’s built-in error checking and how to find and trace the source of errors together with the importance of considering the design of your spreadsheets and including documentation. You will also learn how to insert and use PivotTables to create summaries of data.

This step of the Excel series starts to move beyond the General User level of the ICAEW Spreadsheet Competency Framework towards the Creator level.

Learning outcomes

  • How to use some specific Excel functions of particular use to those working with financial data
  • How to work with dates and date-related functions and formulas
  • How to keep formulas consistent and track down inconsistent formulas
  • How to design a spreadsheet to facilitate locking and protection
  • How to lock cells
  • How to protect the contents of a worksheet
  • How to protect the structure of a workbook
Price: £30.00