Excel Series Module 1: Speeding up the basics

Excel Series Module 1: Speeding up the basics


Your spreadsheet work might involve entering data into spreadsheets that someone else has created, but are there any Excel features or techniques that could help you navigate your way around your spreadsheet and enter data more quickly and reliably? Why type in a whole date, or type the same information from the row above, when Excel can do it for you?

This course concentrates on simple ways to speed up your use of Excel including covering some important Excel settings and options and a range of keyboard shortcuts. We will also introduce some slightly more advanced features that will help you move on to the next level of the ICAEW Spreadsheet Competency Framework.

The course is delivered as an online course that can be completed in the user’s own timeframe.

Learning outcomes

  • Hints and tips to make everyday spreadsheet operations, such as working with files and printing worksheets, quicker.
  • Ways to halve the time you spend moving between cells and typing in data.
  • Why copy and paste isn’t always as straightforward as it seems, and how to copy content as efficiently as possible.
  • How to work with your data, your way: sorting and filtering tables of data.
  • Why Excel might reject your data – Data Validation.
  • Cost: £30.00